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Our Vision

Our vision revolves around our clients’ needs. We answer emails, we pick up the phone, we get to know you and bring you into our world completely — because we know that when we understand who you are and what you need, it moves us to feel personally invested in you and your success.

A good marketing company will prove ROI, hit deadlines, and change strategies on their heels. They’ll be honest with you when things aren’t working, and give recommendations based on experience. They’ll do whatever it takes to make sure your business is successful. But the best marketing agency will do all that with a smile. 


Sam Page 

B.Psych(Hons), M.Psych, M.B.A., MAPS, Registered Psychologist
NeuroTriggers Group

What Makes Us Different

We’re the only marketing agency in the world that has a staff of behavioral psychologists to oversee every project. 

Why is that important? Well, marketing IS psychology. That’s all it is. 

It’s the ability to understand fundamental consumer behavior. Things like: identifying what your prospects most desire, their frustrations, points of friction, potential objections, beliefs, thought patterns, motivations, decision making process, self-concept, level of awareness, buying sophistication etc etc.

This is the stuff that we get, better than anyone else. 

Because my team and I have spent the past 10+ years researching the psychological triggers behind how and why people buy. Some of these findings are published in the books below.


Digital NeuroMarketing

Digital Neuromarketing: The Psychology Of Persuasion In The Digital Age

This book presents the research and the methods for applying neuromarketing principles online. You’ll discover how to make your web content more persuasive, how to design your web pages to best attract/engage your audience, and psychological tactics to convert browsers into buyers.

Unconscious Marketing

Unconscious Marketing: 25 Cognitive Biases That Compel Your Customers To Buy

If you’ve read anything from Malcolm Gladwell, Dan Ariely, or Daniel Kahneman… you’ll enjoy this!

As the subhead suggests, this book explores “25 Cognitive Biases That Compel Your Customers To Buy (Without Them Knowing).” 

Here are a few of the chapter titles: Attentional Bias: Why We Notice What We Notice… I Made It Myself: The IKEA Effect… The Framing Effect: Why Presentation Matters… The Decoy Effect: Marketing Sleight of Hand….

Going Up

Going Up: Proven Strategies for Reaching Higher Levels In Business

With good luck and good timing, this book went on to be an Amazon #1 Best Seller.

Inside, you’ll find insights on; how to build a community around your brand, forgotten marketing strategies that work even better in today’s market, and the principle of Customer Control.

What Our Clients Say

Kevin Karsch

Kevin Karsch

After just four weeks, they’d put systems in place to generate an additional $65,000+ per year for our company.

Partnering with NeuroTriggers has allowed me to express concerns and issues with a 3rd party that I might not otherwise feel comfortable sharing within the company. Several times this has helped me to see things from a different perspective and figure out what/how to improve.

I would enthusiastically recommend the services offered by NeuroTriggers. Thinking solely about return on investment, working with them has been well, well worth it.

They’re also genuinely interested in our company and its success, which makes the whole process very pleasant.”

Kevin Karsch

Scott Bradley

Scott Bradley

I’ve worked with several other agencies in the past and none of them come close to my work with Sam and the NeuroTriggers team. 

Their ability to dig deep into human behavior and then develop strategies around those behaviors is unprecented.”

Scott Bradley
Senior Manager,

Adri Montero

Adri Montero

“We found the entire engagement with NeuroTriggers extremely helpful. 

I would absolutely recommend NeuroTriggers to others because they helped us open our eyes to all the internal marketing issues we’d been missing, and provided practical tools and processes to fix them. 

Their combinatory knowledge of both marketing and psychology is something we’ve never come across in other agencies, and their results speak for themselves. 

They are true professionals. “

Adri Montero
Senior Partner, The Advocates Law Firm

Lori Koch

Lori Koch

I didn’t think the NeuroTriggers approach would work for us.

With more than 500 employees in 14 locations across the U.S. and China, we have plenty of internal resources. Still, it’s not always easy to find staff with the capacity and expertise to take on high level digital growth projects. That’s when we looked to outside vendors.

Our industry is highly technical. We provide advanced IT infrastructure solutions and have enterprise partnerships with Cisco, Intel, and Microsoft. So we were looking for an external vendor with previous experience from a similar company. And to be honest, I wasn’t sure NeuroTriggers would be a fit.

My initial skepticism was unwarranted. We did not need technical experts, we needed experts in the psychology of customer behaviour. And NeuroTriggers have that in spades. 

They were able to cut right to the core of the issues across all of our marketing and sales channels. 

The results they provided in a very short period were remarkable. 

We have the pre/post revenue reports to prove it.”

Lori Koch
Director, NWN Corporation

Terry Watts

Terry Watts

“If you want direct, actionable digital strategies to improve the performance of your business, speak with NeuroTriggers.

I have multiple small businesses and was looking for some guidance on how to grow them using digital marketing. Rather than giving generalized advice, they took the time to ask questions, look at my businesses, review the numbers, and recommend a strategy that actually makes sense.

I love their honesty and desire to help small business owners understand and achieve realistic results.” 

Terry Watts
Owner, Senior Helpers

Dr. Katherine McKnight

Dr. Katherine McKnight

“I’ve worked with the team at NeuroTriggers for over 12 months now, which is longer than I’ve engaged any other agency previously.

They do what they say, which has been rare in my experience. 

They get my highest recommendation.

Dr. Katherine McKnight

Jeremy Jones

Jeremy Jones

“Owning multiple businesses as well as growing a personal brand are several balls to juggle at the same time.

I read a truckload of business books and have paid tens of thousands to other marketing agencies. 

NOTHING compares to the results I’ve had since partnering with NeuroTriggers.

It all boils down to their uncompromising focus on 1) getting more customers, QUICKLY, and 2) finding clever ways to make you as much money as humanly possible.

If you get the opportunity, just sign up with them.”

Jeremy Jones
Co-Founder & CEO,

Benjamin Christie

Benjamin Christie

“The digital campaigns NeuroTriggers put together certainly generated a higher response and resulted in more appointments than any we had done previously.

Benjamin Christie


Dan Reilly

Dan Reilly

My business is a small company in a massive market (distribution of IT products) so earning the trust of cold prospects has always been a major challenge.  

Since NeuroTriggers have helped us introduce Case Studies, Testimonials and objective statistics into our ads, prospecting, and sales scripts, we’ve seen a big increase in the response rate of leads inviting us to engage in sales conversations.  

This is very impactful as we sell high-dollar items with large margins, so every new customer can be a meaningful addition to our overall business.

Dan Reilly

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We build custom websites that are optimized for mobile and are SEO ready. We avoid the corny stock images and recycled content other marketing agencies use. Our handcrafted websites showcase you and your practice identity, converting prospective leads into new customers.


Our Adwords campaigns put your business at the top of Google for the keyword searches that drive new customers. Once leads click an ad, our team tracks phone calls to ensure quality leads are driven to your office. We also use A/B testing on our landing pages to maximize lead generation.


We are SEO experts ready to push your website to the top of search engines. Our team focuses on an aggressive onsite and offsite search engine optimization campaign to get you to #1. Everything is tracked in a live dashboard, and the information is relayed to you in monthly progress reports.


Our team of designers work with you to handcraft your branding and imagery in a way that makes you stand out from the crowd! We will work with you every step of the way to help find the perfect name and tagline, design a beautiful custom logo that you love, and build a brand guide to make sure you stay consistent.


We do social media that connects your business with your ideal prospects. We post weekly content on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter while managing targeted social ad campaigns. Not the boring or cheesy social content, but personalized content that actually works.


Conversion rate optimization is the most cost-effective way to increase ROI. Your team may currently focus on increasing traffic or ad spend. But if very few of the people who land on your site actually convert into customers, then you’re throwing money down the drain.

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