NeuroTriggers is a boutique consultancy based out of our two offices in Chicago (U.S.) and Brisbane (Australia). Our team include psychologists and behavioural economists (Masters and/or PhD qualified), who specialise in the behaviour change of entrepreneurs and executives. On taking good leaders and making them great.

Here's a few things we believe...

- A change in behaviour invariably requires a change in thinking.

- The 'what' and the 'how' is more important than the 'why'. It's easier to improve than it is to figure out why the problem exists.

- The pursuit must be for truth. It's too easy to drown in the mass of bullshit and irrelevancy. 

- Great leaders are great learners.

- Doing the right thing is always the right thing.

Sam Page 
Founder & CEO
B.Psych(Hons), M.Psych, M.B.A., MAPS, Registered Psychologist
What Are People Saying?
I’ve worked with several other coaches in the past and none of them come close to my work with NeuroTriggers. Their ability to dig deep into human behaviors and then develop strategies around those is unprecented. They can take a situation and strip it down to its bare bone truth, then create a strategy that not only boosts performance, but also helps you to recognize and overcome future obstacles and challenges. They deliver incredible coaching. 
Scott Bradley
Senior Manager, Ritual.co
I knew what I was hoping to achieve but at the same time, anxious in finding someone who might be able to understand and facilitate my wildly adventurous vision for the company! It was a huge relief being recommended and introduced to the team at NeuroTriggers. They not only provided me with refreshing and reassuringly calm encouragement, but also pragmatic guidance and expertise. What an amazing experience!
Peter Merrett
Fmr Director of Workplace Experience, JLL International
We found the entire coaching process extremely helpful. I would absolutely recommend NeuroTriggers to others because they helped us open our eyes to all the internal leadership issues we’d been missing, and provided practical tools and processes to fix them.
Adri Montero
The Advocates Law Firm
I didn’t think the NeuroTriggers approach would work for us.
With more than 500 employees in 14 locations across the U.S. and China, we have plenty of internal resources. Still, it’s not always easy to find staff with the capacity and expertise to take on high level leadership development projects. That’s when we looked to outside vendors.

Our industry is highly technical. We provide advanced IT infrastructure solutions and have enterprise partnerships with Cisco, Intel, and Microsoft. So we were looking for an external vendor with previous executive level experience from a similar company. And to be honest, I wasn’t sure NeuroTriggers would be a fit.

My initial skepticism was unwarranted. We did not need technical experts, we needed experts in behavior change. And NeuroTriggers have that in spades. They were able to cut right to the core of the issue for several of our senior staff, and coached them through specific techniques which drastically improved their leadership capabilities. We have the pre/post stakeholder reports to prove it.

Lori Koch
Director, NWN Corporation
If you want direct, actionable strategies to improve the performance of your business, speak with NeuroTriggers. I have multiple small businesses and was looking for some guidance on how to grow them, and get more out of my team. Rather than giving generalized advice, they took the time to ask questions, look at my businesses, review the numbers, and recommend a strategy that actually makes sense. I love their honesty and desire to help small business owners understand and achieve realistic results.
Terry Watts
CEO, Senior Helpers
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